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Version 5.3 (Released September 1, 2020)

Created radcompare program to compare Radiance tool output to reference outputs
during unit-testing.

Fixed issue reading very large files (> 2 GBytes) in rcollate.

Made picking function in rvu ignore transparent and void surfaces.

Added -orRxX options to rtrace to enable output of mirrored and unmirrored
contributions and distances to enable new types of reprojections. This also
cleaned up and unified handling of effective ray lengths throughout code.

Bug fixes from Jan Wienold for evalglare.

Changed indexed (numbered) output from dctimestep to start from 0 rather
than 1, to make it more consistent with expected input naming.

Increased default sampling in bsdf2klems (-n option) to 1024.

Fixed an issue noticed by David G-M that was causing genBSDF to bias
isotropic tensor tree samples resulting in subsequent failure of
peak extraction with "aBSDF" type.

Introduced max() and min() functions to .cal library.

Added random incident patch sampling to bsdf2klems to improve accuracy
with scattering interpolation representation input (e.g., from
pabopto2bsdf). The other input types already sampled incident patch area.

Added gendaymtx -A option to compute average sky over all the input
time steps.

Added ability to output color image from rtrace with any of -ovrx options.
Also fixed inconsistency of -oN output when ray casting versus full trace.
Before, it would flip normal to front side unless ray casting. Now, -oN
always reports the unflipped normal.

Changed rlam behavior so -iaN reads N lines from a stream rather than N
characters. This seems more useful, since -ibN is somewhat redundant with
the old behavior.

Created rsplit program as compliment to rlam and to handle more complex
rtrace output into separate files or streams.

Improved getinfo so that it can also hop over resolution string with -c
and header elide mode. Use +d to include resolution string in output,
and -d to elide with - and -c options.

Made pvalue -u option mean "uncompressed" with -r. Also, allow skipping
bytes on standard input.

Created rcode_depth tool to convert to and from a 16-bit/pixel portable
depth image encoding that uses a mix of linear and reciprocal distance
with explicit representations of 0 and infinity. Code for loading these
depth maps is in src/common/depthcodec.{h,c}.

Created rcode_norm tool to convert to and from 32-bit/pixel portable
surface normal representation, matching the one in src/common/dircode.c.
Code for loading normal maps is in src/common/normcodec.{h,c}.

Created rcode_ident tool to create indexed identifier files.
Code for loading these files is in src/common/idmap.{h,c}.

Added -o* option to rtpict to produce layered images that handle most
output types from rtrace (colors, surface normals, distances, IDs).

Created rcode2bmp script to create images from new rcode_* output maps.

Improved efficiency of rmtxop in cases where matrix multiplication is
faster evaluated right-to-left, as when the final component is a
column vector. Also added ability to apply trailing unary operators
(-t, and -s or -c) to resulting matrix.

Added new depth, normal, and ID file types to radcompare.

Added BigEndian= header line for automatic byte-swapping in rmtxop
and radcompare.

Added new "turbo" palette to falsecolor (thanks to Taoning).

Nathaniel Jones created the "dcglare" program for annual glare
simulations when the sun and sky are visible through the window.
Tutorial is posted at

Added support for loading RGBE images into matrices in dctimestep.

Added -y option to gensky and gendaylit to support more accurate Michalsky
solar position calculation.

Changed rsplit, so specifying a space as the separator parses words
between whitespace.

Added ability of vwrays, pinterp, and pmblur2 to read encoded depth files.

Added -o RxCxR1xC1 facility to perform blocking in rcollate.

Made it so number of segments in genworm, genrev, and gensurf can be
given as expressions of previously defined variables, etc.

Added -D and -n option to gendaymtx to output sun description and skip
matrix output on request. A -M option was also added to output solar
modifiers for rcontrib. Support also added for leap days in WEA input.
Enhancements sponsored by Ladybug Tools.

Updated eplus_uvf to work with IDF version 9.x, checking version number.

Fix to glarendx issues with dgi calculation.

Made it so rmtxop and dctimestep undo any exposure applied to Radiance
pictures they may load.

Added robjutil utility to manipulate Wavefront .OBJ files.

Fixed a crash related to rtrace -om or -oM with mesh instances containing

Improved rtrace flushing function to handle any value for -x without
deadlock on controlling process.

Eliminated unnecessary start-up procedures for rtrace when only ray-casting
is needed (i.e., no tracing or value output).

Improved isotropic sampling method in bsdf2ttree using "zipper" approach
applied in genBSDF.

Added limit to memory used by high-resolution tensor tree BSDFs for
cumulative cache during MC sampling (rendering). Limit set to 250MBytes
per BSDF for standard architectures.

Added -n and -s options to bsdf2ttree to provide some user control
over super-sampling.

Improved surface normal codec used by ambient file to store orthonormal
directions exactly.

Improved peak extraction method, which was undervaluing transmission
in many cases.

New version of evalglare from Jan Wienold.

Added -u option to gendaymtx to elide data columns (time steps) when
the sun is not visible above the horizon.

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