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Radiance Source Code

Radiance Source Code

Latest Official Release - If you're not sure which release you need, you probably want the latest official release.  This release has been tested to verify that the most commonly used Radiance features work.

HEAD Release - The HEAD release is a nightly snapshot of the source code containing code changes made as recently as yesterday.  You would choose the HEAD release if you need a new (experimental) feature that is not yet released or if you are experiencing a bug that has been fixed since the latest release. Installing the HEAD release requires compiling from source code.

Archived Official Releases - Archived releases are provided for posterity.  If you are revisiting past analysis or are using a model created with a previous version you may wish to use an archived release.  Generally each new version is backwards compatible, though there are occasions where capabilities are deprecated when there is a better alternative and the old capability is time consuming to maintain.

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