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7th International Radiance Workshop

Co-organized by Raphaël Compagnon and Greg Ward

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Download gzip'ped tar file of entire workshop (690 MBytes)

Thursday 30th October 2008

Introduction 8h30 Registration desk open, room B30.08
Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de Fribourg
80 Bd Pérolles, 1705 Fribourg, Switzerland
9h00 Raphaël Compagnon: welcome address
Daylighting Studies 9h15 John Mardaljevic, A parametric evaluation of daylight provision for residential buildings using the UDI metric: When less (data) really is more PDF
9h45 Anothai Thanachareonkit, Comparing physical and virtual methods for daylighting performance assessment of Complex Fenestration Systems PDF
10h15 Santiago Torres, Dynamic daylight simulations for facade optimization PDF
10h45 Coffee break
Digital cameras 11h15 Axel Jacobs, Stephen Wittkopf and Lars Grobe, Per-pixel sky luminance with HDR photography  PDF
11h45 Greg Ward, Capturing 3-D Texture with a Digital Camera PDF | movie1 | movie2
12h15 Lunch break
+ optional visit to the nearby “Chocolat Villars” shop
(an opportunity to buy very good swiss chocolate...)
Design and Art 14h00 Jelle Feringa, Notes on the potential of simulation for architectural conception Presentation Notes
14h30 Mark Stock, Imaging Fluid Dynamics for Art PDFAnimation
15h00 Iebele Abel, Mind over Matter, an artistic scientific research project about mind’s influence on matter
15h30 Coffee break
CAD link 16h00 Thomas Bleicher, su2rad - Radiance exporter for SketchUp PDF
Historic buildings 16h30 Lars Grobe, Oliver HauckAndreas Noback & Bernd Zeimetz, Hagia Sophia - Dealing with an extraordinary ancient building and complex materials PDF
Guest speaker 17h00 Rob Shakespeare, Recent and ongoing projects including Fine Arts, Theatre and Science which incorporate Radiance PDFMOV
Link to download page
18h00 First day workshop end
20h Workshop official dinner at restaurant de l’Aigle Noir, rue des Alpes 10, Fribourg

Friday 31st October 2008

Solar energy 9h00 Germain Augsburger, Simulation and optimization of heliostat fields using Radiance and Moo for the design of a 300 MWth central receiver PDF
9h30 Jérôme Kaempf, Maximisation of building solar potential determined using Radiance PDF
Visual comfort 10h00 Niloofar Moghbel, Contrast Evaluation on Monitor Screens PDF
10h30 Coffe break
11h00 Birgit PainterDenis Fan & John Mardaljevic, Minimally Intrusive Evaluation of Visual Comfort in the Normal Workplace PDF
11h30 Jan Wienold, glare and dynamic glare evaluation PDF
Radiance internal stuff 12h00 David Geisler-Moroder and Arne Dür, Validation of Radiance against CIE171:2006 and Improved Adaptive Subdivision of Circular Light Sources PDF
12h30 Lunch break
14h00 Giulio Antonutto, Lightmapping with Radiance, reinventing the wheel? No, thanks PDF
14h30 Greg Ward, New Radiance Developments PDF
15h00 Francesco Anselmo, A survival guide to Radiance on Windows PDF
Link to download page
15h30 Coffee break
16h00 Questions and answers session
17h00 Workshop end


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