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3rd international RADIANCE workshop

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Organized by: Raphaël Compagnon & Greg Ward

Group Photo (QuickTime Movie)


Monday 11th October 2004
Introduction 8h30 Registration desk open, room B30.20
Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de Fribourg
80 Bd Pérolles, 1705 Fribourg, Switzerland
9h00 Raphaël Compagnon: “Welcome address”
9h15 Greg Ward: Recent Code Changes and Additions, Including the Radiance Occluder Cache
Daylighting Studies 9h45 François Cantin: Characterization of daylight quality by computation of performance indicators and rendering with Radiance
10h15 Ljubica Mudri: Objective data from Radiance and subjective intentions from Architects
10h45 Coffee break
11h15 Anthony Farrell: Forward ray tracing analysis of a light pipe
Glare assessment
11h45 Santiago Torres: Glare assessment using image based lighting
12h15 Jan Wienold: Evalglare: a new RADIANCE-based tool to evaluate glare in office spaces
12h45 Lunch break
Lighting analysis
14h15 Giulio Antonutto: Road lighting simulation with Radiance
14h45 Krzysztof Wandachowicz: Calculation of Luminaires Using Radiance
Integrated solutions 15h15 Andreas Lahme: 3D Lighting: Integrated software modelling and simulation package using 3Dsolar and Rayfront with Radiance
15h45 Coffee break
16h15 Georg Mischler: “Rayfront tutorial”
18h00 First day workshop end
20h Workshop official dinner
Tuesday 12 October 2004
Materials modelling 8h45 Peter Apian-Bennewitz, Material measurement and modelling
User-interface, and CAD Links 9h15 Francesco Anselmo: “Blender based Radiance GUI” (html) (pdf)
9h45 Andreas Gerber: RadView: OpenGL viewer for Radiance scenes
10h15 Coffee break
Radiance sources extensions & developments 10h45 Axel Jacobs: LEARNIX bootable live CD-ROM
11h15 Pascal Gautron: Radiance Caching for Efficient Global Illumination Computation
11h45 Francisco Pereira: SharpEye: A parallel, portable, selective rendering system based on Radiance
12h15 Carsten Bauer: The Radzilla project
12h45 Lunch break
Solar access studies 14h15 Marylène Montavon: Solar energy utilisation potential of three different swiss urban sites
14h30 Raphaël Compagnon: iPPF: a Radiance based online tool for solar and daylight access studies in urban areas” (poster)
14h45 Darren Robinson: Irradiation modelling with cumulative skies
15h15 Andrew Marsh: Using Radiance for right-to-light and solar access studies
15h45 Coffee break
Questions & Answers 16h15 Greg Ward: “Problem solving session”
17h45 Open discussion
18h00 Workshop end
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