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2nd International Radiance Workshop

2003 Radiance Workshop September 22-26 Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, California
Organizers: Greg Ward & Judy Lai

Photo Contest

The winning entry (shown above) was submitted by Veronica Sundstedt of Bristol University. For a look at the runners-up and other entries, click here.


Tutorials were given by John Mardaljevic, Greg Ward, and Georg Mischler.


Monday 22 Sept. Tuesday 23 Sept. Wednesday 24 Sept.
Primer Tutorial Mardaljevic Intermediate Tutorial Mardaljevic & Ward Intermediate Tutorial (cont’d) Mardaljevic & Mischler
Applying New Features of Radiance 3.5 Ward

Seminar Talks

Below is the talk schedule with a final list of titles and speakers. Titles are linked to talk abstracts and materials.


Day / Time Talk Title Speaker Organization
Th 9:00 OpenSource Development Greg Ward &
Georg Mischler
Th 9:45 Summarizing and Visualizing Day Lighting Data Jack de Valpine Visarc, Inc.
Th 10:30 Coffee Break
Th 11:00 Precision modelling of parametrically defined solar shading systems: pseudo-Changi John Mardaljevic De Montfort Univ.
Th 11:45 Evaluation of the solar energy potential in urban settings by irradiation map production Francesco Anselmo Università di Palermo
Th 12:30 Lunch at LBNL Cafeteria
Th 2:00 Architecture, Lighting, and Energy: An evaluation of the perceptual and energy consumption implications of lighting standards in architectural design John An Harvard University
Th 2:45 Experiences with Radiance in Daylighting Design Zack Rogers Architectural Energy Corporation
Th 3:30 Recent Practical Applications Using Radiance Matt Franks & Andrew McNeil Arup Lighting
Th 4:15 Environment mapping for lighting simulations Santiago Torres University of Tokyo
Th 5:00 Adjourn
Fri 9:00 Learning the best, from the best: a longtime newbie gets up to speed Rob Guglielmetti Renfro Design Group, Inc.
Fri 9:45 LightSketch and Scythe and Sew: Tools for Rapid Architectural Lighting Analysis Daniel Glaser, Jan Voung, Ling Xiao, and Osbert Feng UC Berkeley
Fri 10:30 Coffee Break
Fri 11:00 An application of Radiance in solving the inverse lighting problem Luís Fernandes U. of Colorado, Boulder
Fri 11:45 Detail to Attention: Exploiting Visual Tasks for Selective Rendering Greg Ward Anyhere Software
Fri 12:30 Lunch at LBNL Cafeteria
Fri 2:00 Maya to Radiance Richard Gillibrand U. of Bristol
Fri 2:45 A Radiance evaluation of parallax errors in sky simulator domes John Mardaljevic De Montfort Univ.
Fri 3:30 Wrap-up and Discussion All
Fri 4:30 Adjorn

Click here for a list of workshop participants.

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