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Scientific applications using RADIANCE

Scientific Applications using Radiance

University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO),
Ecole d'ingénieurs et d'architectes de Fribourg, Switzerland
September 30 to October 1, 2002
Organizers: Raphaël Compagnon and Greg Ward

Photo courtesy Andrew McNeil ©2002 ArupLighting (All Photo Contest Entries)




Not all of the speakers provided materials, but most did. If there is no link at all, then there are no materials for this talk.


Greg Ward,"Radiance 3.4 and Open Source Development"

Daylighting Studies

Giulio Antonutto Foi, “One radiance application in daylighting analysis"
Annalisa Simonella, "
Daylighting comparison of two offices with a partially and a fully glazed façade
Santiago Torres, “Parametric Study of Daylighting Strategies with Consideration of Glare Problems
Georg Mischler, "Simulating daylight redirection systems"

Lighting Analysis

Jack de Valpine, "Architectural Visualization: Radiance in Production"
Haico Schepers & Tim Hanson, "Lighting design using Radiance: an engineers perspective"
Steve Walker, “Museums, Videowalls, Shopping Malls and other buildings: applications of Radiance in lighting design
Judy Lai, “
Fifty Thousand Renderings: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at LBNL's RADIANCE Image Database”

Applications in a Teaching Context

Axel Jacobs, "Using RADIANCE for teaching lighting simulations on a European Masters course"
Raphael Compagnon, "IRAD: a simple automated simulation program to study daylighting in rectangular rooms without knowing much about RADIANCE"

Extensions, User-interface, and CAD Links

Greg Ward, "The Holodeck Interactive Ray Cache"
Roland Schregle, "The RADIANCE Photon Map"
Jan Wienold, "Radiance developments at Fraunhofer ISE"
Siegbert Debatin, "Relux Vision: an easy way to master RADIANCE"
Jean Brange, "a C4D/Radiance converter running on MacOSX"

Special Materials (BRDF BTDF, etc.)

Peter Apian-Bennewitz, “On material modelling in Radiance

High Dynamic Range Images

Mehlika N. Inanici, "Post Processing of Radiance Images: Virtual Lighting Laboratory"
Patrick Ledda, "Perception of High Dynamic Range Scenes"
Bernhard Spanlang, "Creating Lightmaps from HDR using Radiance"
Greg Ward, "The Photophile Browser for HDR Images"

Special Applications

Alan Chalmers, "Very Realistic Graphics for Archaeological Site Reconstructions"
Carsten Bauer, "Designer's Radiance"
Raphael Compagnon, "PPF: a tool to study solar irradiation and illuminance in urban areas"


This site contains materials provided by speakers at the Fall2002 Workshop, Scientific Applications Using Radiance. We have created links from this page to the auhtors’ presentations and additional materials where possible, but some files may not be linked, so feel free to dig around outside your browser.

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