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Getting started creating pages in Plone

First register and then log-in.

(lab staff use your ldap ID in JEDoe format ... its case sensitive to the labs naming convention)

Navigate to your home folder<your login name>

Adding new content:

Find the "Add new..." tab (towards the right of the page) then choose "Page"

then name it <somename>.html

(The .html suffix of the "short name" or the filename - not the title - is very important if you want your new pages to act and be treated like html pages via webdav and using the external editor setup ;-)

enter "<html>" in the text field - dont include the quotes - then save

then edit it either from Plone , using the external editor setup or from the filesystem.

A template page has been created using LibreOffice as a starting point containing the basic formatting elements

copy and paste it using Plone's copy and paste buttons

from here

to here (for example)<your login name>/folder_contents

From Plone

using the built-in TINYMCE wysiwyg editor (enable in your personal preferences page)

using the regular text edit window (raw html)

From the filesystem / WebDAV

(for bulk importing and viewing content hierarchy in addition to editing files)

• mount the site via webdav -

•<your login id>

• then drag the file to your local filesystem - edit locally and then drag back

External editor setup

(firefox + zope edit manager + libreoffice or your favorite standard html producing word processor /editor)

Please visit this link regarding the setup of External editor -

Firefox Web browser

Blue Griffon Web page editor


Use the standard html styles :

format > styles and formatting > select "HTML Styles" in bottom pulldown Zope Edit Manager

Used with Firefox to pass pages between Plone and your favorite word processor. Using LibreOffice go into preferences > helper apps to associate "" with the ".html" extension Windows Mac and Unix versions :

Resources / more info 

Plone Docs

Plone FAQ 

 Use purely structural html

     -  filter out style properties  s/style="[^"]*"//g  

Importing existing HTML content into Plone

WebDAV clients for Windows

Windows 7-10 built-in My Network Places > Add Network Place

Netdrive for Windows 7-10 (free - works well)

Webdrive for Windows 7-10 (mounts / does everything correctly but for $69 - pricey but its the best)

WebDAV clients for the Mac OS

Mac OS X finder's built-in webdav (apple-k - leaves undesireable .dot files all over the place)

Transmit for Mac OS X (mounts / does everything correctly but for $35 - worth it)

WebDAV client for both Windows and the Mac OS

Cyberduck - (free and works OK - not perfect)

Other Mac OS specific Tools for correcting mime types / creator codes

Misfox - specify mime-types with file extensions under Mac OS -

FileAdopter - force associate mime-types with the file extensions set in the MisFox preference pane -

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