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Todor Syarov thodor at abv.bg
Thu Oct 2 08:13:25 PDT 2014

  I am a student in Vienna and working on a daylight simulation with pipeflow:  IDGB#optics6#window7.2#ecotect2011#grasshopper#radiance#daysim3.1  
  Asking with un unease, since you must also have a tight schedule,  still I need to post two question:  
    What are 
the steps creating double glazing material with coating for Radiance? 
After generating the *.rad files from optics do you manually correct the material in Radiance editor?
  How do I apply optics2glaze with the glazing script in Perl script or would you recommend just the Optics6 export in rad?   
   here is one of the glazing systems:
  1st layer: pane 4mm
     PVB coating 0.78mm     6mm glass pane#cool lite skn 174  22mm Argon 90%  2nd pane : 4mmTn = 64%  (IGDB source)  
  Manufacturer value of the system
     Tn=68%     R(outside)=13%     R(inside)=11%  
  For my understanding tried to compare some values from manufacturer with my Window output - and the discrepancy is too big.  The PVB is missing, though.  
    How would you proceed when you solve this problem elegantly?    
  Any comments are highly appreciated.  
  Kind Regards from Vienna,  Niya 


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